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Serving Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties
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House Electric - Your Water Leak Detection Service in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Davie, and Pembroke Pines, FL

At House Electric, we understand the importance of keeping your home safe and your plumbing system in excellent condition. Water leaks can cause significant damage and unexpected expenses. That's why we offer professional water leak detection services to ensure your peace of mind.

Our Water Leak Detection Systems

Passive Leak Detection

Our passive leak detection system is an easy and affordable way to monitor your plumbing system. It's a stand-alone device operated by a battery that sounds an alarm when moisture is detected. With this system, any homeowner can quickly locate a water leak and arrange for necessary repairs. Just remember to check the battery regularly to ensure continuous protection.

Active Leak Detection System

For a more advanced solution, consider our active leak detection system. This system not only sounds an alarm when a water leak is detected but also automatically shuts off the water supply. It features a flow or moisture sensor to monitor leaks effectively.

  • Individual Appliance System: Monitors leaks from appliances and shuts off the water supply automatically.
  • Whole House System: Monitors leaks throughout your entire home and triggers the main water supply shut-off when a leak is detected. These systems use wiring connections or radio signals to communicate with the valve.

Areas Where Water Leaks Would Likely Occur

If you don't have a water leak detection system, you can perform DIY checks to ensure your home's safety. Common areas where water leaks develop include:

  • Laundry room: Check near the washer or faucet.
  • Toilet and Bathroom: Inspect areas near faucets, water heating systems, or showerheads.
  • Basement or Garage: Be vigilant around hot water systems or evaporator coolers.
  • Kitchen: Pay attention to the water heating system, faucet, or dishwasher areas.
  • Pool or Spa: Regularly check for any signs of leakage.
  • Water meter: Examine the area around the water meter.
  • Patio: Inspect for any potential water leaks.
  • Lawn: Keep an eye on the irrigation system, garden, or turf for leaks.

House Electric is your trusted partner for Water Leak Detection Services in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Davie, and Pembroke Pines, FL. Don't wait until a water leak causes extensive damage. Contact us today at 954-686-8087 for professional leak detection and prevention. Your home's safety is our priority.

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